Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring 2011 FYI's

Another month has passed us by , bringing us  that much closer to our 2011 fishing season! Will be a welcome change from this long winter! Besides that the freezer needs a re-fill!
Soon we will be restocking the boat ,and getting things ready for what is shaping up to be an exciting & busy year.
If you havent seen it already The webpage is FINALLY up and functional...
Just the fine tuning left to do now ... Like adding a few pics & graphics...a few word changes etc.. Please check it out , Share with your friends. Feel free leave me a comment if you like about what you like / think it needs more or less of.. 

Also have a read on WFNs link.... seems they agree that the Pacific Northwest Area is the best place in the world for Saltwater Fishing

Sure hope this find you all well & ready to start planning your fishing / outdoors adventures for 2011. looking forward to hearing about your Fish Tale, and sharing with you ours.
Till next time..


  1. I'm gonna have lots of fishing stories this year..I told myself that I've definitely gotta get out more and slay'em!

  2. You betcha! Fish Tales, Pics & Videos...
    We'll MAKE sure that happenns!